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How to Print Messages from Messenger in 2024? – Simplified Process with Messenger Vault

Are you wondering “How to Print Messages from Messenger?” Many of us have found ourselves in situations where we need a physical copy of our digital conversations, whether for sentimental reasons, legal documentation, or simply for keeping a personal record. In this digital era, our online chats often hold significant value, and preserving them can be important. In this guide, we introduce Messenger Vault, an innovative app that seamlessly turns your Messenger chats into printable formats, offering a simple yet comprehensive solution to this common question. Join us as we explore how Messenger Vault can transform your digital messages into tangible memories or valuable records.

Introducing the App

Messenger Vault stands out with its capability to load Messenger chat archives by simply importing the downloaded zip file from Facebook. Once your data is imported, you have full access to browse and analyze your conversations with ease. This includes searching conversations by length, participant count, names, or chat titles, and even performing keyword searches within the chat text.

Screenshots of Messenger Vault App featuring Homepage, Search Page, and Statistics.

A key highlight of Messenger Vault is its ability to provide detailed statistics and insights into your Messenger conversations. This ranges from basic details like message counts and chat frequencies to more advanced analytics such as emotional tone assessments and chronological visualizations through its unique calendar view.

Most importantly, Messenger Vault addresses the core need of printing messages from Messenger by allowing users to export conversations as PDFs. The app offers customizable options for your export, such as selecting font sizes (S/M/L), choosing page sizes (A3/A4/A5/Letter/Legal), and deciding whether to include images and a table of contents in the exported document.

How to Print Messages from Messenger with Messenger Vault

The process of exporting your Messenger chats to a PDF is straightforward in Messenger Vault. Here’s how it works:

  1. Downloading and Importing Your Messenger Messages: Before you can print your chats, you need to have your Messenger messages downloaded. Follow our comprehensive guide on How to Download Messenger Messages to save your chats to your device. Once downloaded, open Messenger Vault and import the messages to begin managing and printing them.

  2. Selecting the Conversation: Begin by choosing the specific conversation you want to bring to paper. Open Messenger Vault and from the message overview, tap on the conversation you desire to print.

  3. Accessing Export Options: Within the chosen conversation, tap the ‘Export’ icon, usually located in the upper corner of the screen, to reveal various PDF export options.

  4. Setting Up Your Export Preferences: Customize your export settings by selecting the desired page size (A3, A4, A5, Letter, Legal) and font size (Small, Medium, Large). You also have the option to include images and generate a table of contents for ease of reference in your PDF.

  5. Generating the PDF: With your preferences in place, tap the ‘Generate’ button. Messenger Vault will process your request and create a PDF file of your conversation, which will be ready for saving or printing.
    To see an example of what an exported chat looks like, check out this sample PDF file with dummy data. It showcases the layout, formatting, and the overall quality you can expect from Messenger Vault exports.

  6. Reviewing Your Generated PDF: After the PDF has been created, Messenger Vault will display your document. Tap the ‘Open’ button to view your PDF and ensure it meets your expectations.

  7. Printing Your Document: If the PDF document looks correct and is to your satisfaction, you can proceed to print it.

Flexibility and Privacy

Messenger Vault’s PDF export feature offers flexibility in how your conversations are presented, ensuring that the final printed document aligns with your specific needs. Moreover, the entire process is done offline, maintaining the privacy of your conversations. This is a crucial aspect for users concerned about their data security, especially when dealing with sensitive chat histories.

Practical Tips

When it comes to the question of “How to Print Messages from Messenger,” knowing how to effectively use Messenger Vault’s PDF export feature can make a significant difference. Here are some practical tips to ensure you get the most out of this functionality:

Choosing the Right Settings

  1. Font Size: Depending on the purpose of your printout, select an appropriate font size. Small for longer conversations where space is a premium, Medium for regular use, and Large for easier readability, especially for presentations or for those with vision impairments.
  2. Page Size: Choose a page size that suits your needs. A4 is standard for most printers, but if you’re compiling a book or a legal document, you might prefer Legal or Letter size. A3 and A5 can be used for special purposes like a large poster or a compact booklet.
  3. Inclusion of Images and Table of Contents: Decide whether to include images from your chat in the PDF. This is crucial for visually documenting important conversations. Adding a table of contents is helpful for lengthy chats, making navigation through the printed conversation easier.


In conclusion, the journey of figuring out “How to Print Messages from Messenger” is now more straightforward and user-friendly with Messenger Vault. This app not only bridges the gap between digital and physical archiving of Messenger chats but also offers flexibility, ease of use, and privacy – key aspects that are often sought after but rarely found in one solution.

Remember, your digital conversations are more than just text; they are a part of your story. With Messenger Vault, you have the power to bring these stories to life, preserving them in a format that can be revisited and cherished for years to come.

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